We do not believe in large agencies!

What makes us unique? Our brightest minds concept: we always accurately compile and tailor a team to your needs. We’ve got a lot of knowledge in-house, but when your question is very specific, we go on the hunt for the most suitable people for the job. A team of freelancers or another agency that helps you grow and transform.

Our goal is to find the person or team who is most capable of solving your issue.

Is your business in the automotive industry? We’ll find you specialists with tons of experience of cars and parts. Are you in the finance industry? We’ll find you specialists who know all the financial details. This way we invest your budget as efficiently as possible and almost nothing goes to waste.

And the good thing is: you have one contact person, a dedicated project manager at BLCKMLL STUDIOS who is always up-to-date on all the developments. We are the central point between the different specialists and keep an eye on all the developments. This way you can use your time as wisely and efficiently as possible.